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Art Brucks

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Art Brucks

December 11, 2016

The 2016 Dallas Marathon is today – a year ago I ran the 2015 26.2 mile race –
I learned a few lessons along the way which I found could be applied as a metaphor for many worthwhile endeavors in my life – from my career to personal relationships and even my spiritual well being –
One difference being you can actually complete a marathon one day even if seems to last forever.
1) Its a marathon, not a wind sprint – a non-athlete preparing for this event should expect many months of long lonely training
2) Get help – from running technique to injury advice to mental preparation – I joined a local running club that helped train and prepare me for all the above – find a few friends in your same boat – Mike Ramsdell
3) Stay humble in your expectations- I never desired to finish in the top of my age group – I just wanted to finish before they disassembled the finish line and get an official time – many of my friends told me about all their reasons they couldn’t ever train or complete a marathon – I had all the same excuses such as bad knees, bad back and out of shape – I chose just to ignore them – you can as well
4) Stay focused – anyone can do this if they will be mentally strong enough to complete your recommended weekly mileage running 5 days a week for 4 or 5 months – I’ve never been a “runner” and I was 60 years old – people will question your sanity and try to talk you out of it
5) Forget your Saturdays – this is your long run day – near the end it was four hours of long slow running and then basically being wiped out the next 24 hours
6) Every meeting, trip, and social event revolved around my running schedule –
7) You run in bad weather and good – you have to – there is no guarantee the marathon day will be pretty – you have to train for it – I’ve run when it was 40 deg and rainy as well as hot and dry
8) Expect an injury – although most are minor aches and pains when slow jogging – I did break my foot running in the dark – and it delayed my goals by a year – I learned to run with constant pain of some kind
9) watch your nutrition and gets lots of sleep – you will always be tired and hungry
10) My training took 19 weeks with 75 training runs totaling 483 miles – involved practice runs equivalent to 8 half marathons or longer and 25 over a 10k between 6-12 miles
All that so you can hold up your medal and say you did it – you ran a marathon!
Good luck to all the participants in this year’s race – I’m enjoying my warm and dry chair writing this – will I ever run another marathon?  I don’t know – I’m 61 years old with a bad back, bad knees, a sore foot and I’m no runner – but I just might.

– Art Brucks

Lisa Poteete

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