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Be Healthy Burleson Certified Business

Be Healthy Burleson / Be Healthy Burleson Certified Business
  • Please review the criteria items below.
    - If you are currently implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “Yes”.
    - If you are not implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “No”.
    - If the item does not apply to you, please select “N/A”.

  • 1. Organizational Supports/Health Promotion
    a. Engage in other health initiatives throughout the community and support employee participation and volunteer efforts (e.g., blood drives, Workplace Partnership for Life, serve at food bank, etc.)
  • b. Provide opportunities for employee input on hazards and solutions.
  • c. Conduct influenza (flu) vaccinations at your worksite.
  • d. Provide brochures, videos, posters, pamphlets, newsletters or other written or online information that address one or more of the following: healthy eating, physical activity, overweight/obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, health and safety, influenza vaccination.
  • 2. Tobacco Control
    a. Have a written policy banning all tobacco use at your worksite
  • b. Have a written policy banning smoking at your worksite
  • c. Refer tobacco users to the Texas Tobacco Helpline or other tobacco cessation telephone quite line
  • d. Provide incentives for being a current nonuser of tobacco and for current tobacco users that are currently involved in a cessation class or actively quitting.
  • 3. Nutrition
    a. Have a written policy or formal communication that makes healthier food and beverage choices available in vending machines. (Provide a healthy snack station in your companies break room)
  • b. Provide nutritional information (beyond standard nutrition information on labels) on sodium, calories, trans fats, or saturated fats for foods and beverages provided or sold in worksite cafeterias, snack bars, etc.
  • c. Have a written policy or formal communication which makes healthier food and beverage choices available during meetings when food is served.
  • d. Provide employees with food preparation and storage facilities
  • e. Offer or promote an on-site or nearby farmers’ market where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold
  • 4. Physical Activity
    a. Provide an exercise facility on-site or subsidize or discount the cost of an offsite exercise facility
  • b. Provide environmental supports for recreation or physical activity
  • c. Post signs at elevators, stairwell entrances, or exits and other key locations that encourage employees to use the stairs.
  • d. Provide organized individual or group physical activity programs for employees (other than the use of an exercise facility)
  • e. Have a written and enforced physical activity policy that includes, at minimum, all of the following
    • Provides employees with up to 60 minutes of physical activity break time in addition to regularly scheduled meal breaks per workday
    • Provides flexible work arrangement to accommodate paid physical activity breaks
    • Incorporate at least a 10 minute physical activity break into meetings, etc lasting one hour or longer
    • Encourages employees to have walking meetings
    • Provides safe and secure bicycle parking for employees
  • 5. Mental Health / Stress Management
    a. Offer suicide prevention training for all staff
  • b. Provide training for supervisors on how to recognize signs and symptoms of substance abuse (including prescription drug abuse) and depression and intervention/workplace support skills (i.e. Mental Health First Aid)
  • c. Provide a copy of ‘A Manager’s Guide to Suicide Prevention’ onsite.
  • d. Have a drug-free workplace policy, including prescription drug misuse and abuse.
  • e. Sponsor or organize social events throughout the year
  • f. Offer onsite behavioral health program such as stress management, work/life balance or depression.
  • 6. Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
    a. Provide access to cancer screenings on-site or via referral
  • b. Provide free or subsidized blood pressure screening (beyond self-report) on site or through partners (e.g. local clinic, county health departments)
  • c. Provide free or subsidized body composition measurement, such as height and weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) scores, or other body fat assessments (beyond self-report) on site or through partners (e.g. biometric vendor filing insurance with low/no co-pay, local partner (YMCA), county health departments.
  • Are there any health and wellness related practices that your business is implementing that is not on the above list?

  • If you answered “No” to any of the above criteria items, please check out our grant application form if you would like to request funding for the criteria items you are not currently implementing.