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Be Healthy Burleson Certified Congregations

Be Healthy Burleson / Be Healthy Burleson Certified Congregations
  • Please review the criteria items below.
    - If you are currently implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “Yes”.
    - If you are not implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “No”.
    - If the item does not apply to you, please select “N/A”.

  • 1. Health Service and Screenings
    a. Cholesterol screenings
  • b. Blood pressure screenings
  • c. Blood glucose (sugar) or prediabetes screenings
  • d. Partner with organizations that provide body composition testing
  • e. Immunizations
  • f. Mobile mammograms or promotion of mammography screenings
  • g. Transportation to health services and screening appointments
  • 2. Health Education
    a. Printed bulletins, pamphlets, brochures, and/or announcement sheets
  • b. Health messages displayed on bulletin boards, information displays, marquees, etc.
  • c. Newsletters
  • d. Electronic media including online sites (e.g. website, Facebook, Twitter)
  • 3. Physical Activity
    a. Space to exercise
  • b. Opportunities for physical activity (indoor/outdoor walking programs, walking paths, aerobics classes, exercise videos, stretching, etc.)
  • c. Organized team sports (softball, soccer, basketball, baseball, bowling, etc.)
  • d. Signage promoting the use of stairs (N/A if building is single-story)
  • 4. Nutrition
    a. Healthy options available at meetings and fellowship gatherings (beverages – 100% fruit juice, low fat milk, water; snacks low in calories, fat, sugar & sodium)
  • b. Sources of healthy food such as a community garden, farmer’s market, food pantry, mobile meals, etc.
  • c. Utilize and promote healthy recipes (recipe book)
  • 5. Safe and Healthy Environment
    a. Tobacco free campus (post signage)
  • b. A safe, clean, and private space for nursing mothers
  • c. Safety awareness training opportunities such as recognizing the signs of stroke and/or heart attack and what to do
  • d. An accessible first aid kit
  • e. A written emergency plan (e.g. fire, tornado, earthquake, health/medical event, etc.) and the plan has been presented to congregation
  • f. A mental health crises plan
  • Are there any health and wellness related practices that your congregation is implementing that is not on the above list?

  • If you answered “No” to any of the above criteria items, please check out our grant application form if you would like to request funding for the criteria items you are not currently implementing.