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Be Healthy Burleson Certified Grocery Stores

Be Healthy Burleson / Be Healthy Burleson Certified Grocery Stores
  • Please review the criteria items below.
    - If you are currently implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “Yes”.
    - If you are not implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “No”.
    - If the item does not apply to you, please select “N/A”.

  • 1. Promote Healthier Choices
    a. Label healthy beverages in the soda aisle as “healthy alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages”
  • b. Label healthy beverages in checkout lane beverage coolers as “healthy alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages”
  • c. Make water available in all checkout lane beverage coolers
  • d. Promote Healthier food choices in end cap displays
  • 2. Environment
    a. For in-store bakeries, use whole grains in at least 25% of breads (e.g., buns, rolls, loaves, bagels, etc.)
  • b. Create “Be Healthy Burleson” parking spaces (farthest away from the store)
  • c. Designate space in shopping carts for fruits and vegetables
  • d. Place children’s cereals with lowest nutritional profile on shelves at least 5 feet high
  • e. Increase the display space of select fruits and vegetables***
  • f. Offer mini size bagels, pastries and half-sandwiches in the deli
  • 3. Education and Promotions
    a. Have a nutritionist or wellness coach available full or part-time.
  • b. Provide Healthy messages in the store
  • c. Offer taste testing of fruits, vegetables and/or healthy choices in the store
  • d. Promote at least one special for a Healthy food item each month
  • e. Distribute healthy recipes in the store
  • f. Host in-store cooking classes
  • g. Offer grocery store tours
  • h. Offer in store scavenger hunt for kids
  • i. Advertise produce as “local,” “regional,” or display producer biographies
  • j. Provide a pre-printed Be Healthy food grocery list.
  • k. Host an in-store health fair
  • l. Provide healthy pre-made/on-the-go healthy meals for individuals and or families
  • Are there any health and wellness related practices that your grocery store is implementing that is not on the above list?

  • If you answered “No” to any of the above criteria items, please check out our grant application form if you would like to request funding for the criteria items you are not currently implementing.