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Be Healthy Burleson Certified Restaurants

Be Healthy Burleson / Be Healthy Burleson Certified Restaurants
  • Please review the criteria items below.
    - If you are currently implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “Yes”.
    - If you are not implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “No”.
    - If the item does not apply to you, please select “N/A”.

  • 1. Nutrition improvements
    a. Offer at least three healthy main-dish items excluding salads
  • b. Offer at least two healthy children’s meals
  • c. Offer only healthy sides (vegetables, salads, etc.) as a default with entrees. Offer fries and chips only upon request.
  • d. Offer fresh fruit or a small-portion/bite sized (<200 calorie) dessert option
  • e. Venue does not offer free refills of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as sodas, sweetened teas, coffee beverages (i.e. lattes)
  • 2. Menu improvements
    a. Promote half-size portions as top-selling entrees.
  • b. Label menu items with nutrition information
  • c. Identify healthy choices with a symbol or have a specified section with healthier menu items.
  • d. Identify allergy friendly foods (i.e. gluten free, lactose free, soy free, egg free)
  • e. Identify Organic menu items
  • 3. Improvements to the Eating Environment
    a. Serve entrees on ten-inch plates and drinks in tall, narrow glasses
  • b. The venue is smoke free
  • c. The venue is tobacco free (including vapor products)
  • d. Promote to-go boxes by either displaying an “Easy To-Go” table tent, or by training wait staff to tell patrons that to-go boxes are available if they are unable to finish their food.
  • e. Do not serve bread (or chips) before meals unless requested
  • f. Do not place salt shaker on table unless requested
  • g. Train servers to only mention healthy sides when taking food orders
  • h. Serve patrons a glass of water upon arrival and/or leave water pitcher on the table.
  • i. The venue offers at least two free healthy cooking classes per year for community members
  • j. The venue offers healthier meals and/or side dishes at a lower cost than the less healthy meals and/or side dishes
  • k. Host a contest between servers to see who can sell the most “Be Healthy menu items”
  • 4. Employee Wellness
    a. The staff are offered health insurance
  • b. The staff are offered opportunities for breaks when working a shift of four hours or more
  • c. The staff are provided healthy meals and/or side dishes at a lower cost than less healthy meal and/or side dishes
  • d. Exercise station in breakroom
  • e. Register a team in the Annual Be Healthy Burleson 5K / 10K / Fun WalK
  • f. Partner with a fitness facility to offer discount for employees
  • Are there any health and wellness related practices that your restaurant is implementing that is not on the above list?

  • If you answered “No” to any of the above criteria items, please check out our grant application form if you would like to request funding for the criteria items you are not currently implementing.