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Be Healthy Burleson Certified Schools

Be Healthy Burleson / Be Healthy Burleson Certified Schools
  • Please review the criteria items below.
    - If you are currently implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “Yes”.
    - If you are not implementing or practicing the criteria item, please select “No”.
    - If the item does not apply to you, please select “N/A”.
  • Is your school compliant with the BISD student wellness policy? (25% of points)

  • 1. Health Education
    a. Provide integrated health education professional development for all teachers
  • b. Use of multiple channels to reinforce health education messaging (e.g. announcements, social media, communication with parents and signage)
  • c. Support active youth engagement such as: Student Wellness team, SWAT team (Students working against tobacco), 2M2L (Too Much to Lose), SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), 4H or FFA (Future Farmers of America), Peer Mediation, Scout Programs, SHAC
  • d. Provide students in grades 7 through 12 at least one opportunity, prior to graduation, for instruction in CPR and techniques of the Heimlich maneuver.
  • 2. Physical
    a. %50 of students participate in more than 2 or more years of Athletics or Physical education classes
  • b. Physical education classes include %50 or more of moderate to vigorous activity.
  • c. Physical activity (recess, PE classes, brain breaks) include at least 30 minutes of activity
  • d. Utilize GoNoodle in the classroom
  • e. Teachers participate in professional development for recess
  • f. Conduct a pre and post fitness gram at your school.
  • 3. Employee Wellness
    a. Offer voluntary health screenings annually to staff including free or low-cost health assessments
  • b. Offer stress management programs annually to staff
  • c. Offer staff accessible and free or low-cost physical activity programs
  • d. Offer staff accessible and free to low-cost healthy eating/weight management programs
  • e. Provide a private space, other than a restroom, that may be used to express breast milk and/or breastfeed
  • f. Promote the district employee assistance program for the school
  • g. Offer immunization clinics (i.e. flu, MMR, etc.) to staff
  • 4. Health Services
    a. Provide disease management training for staff
  • b. Provide education programs for students with chronic health conditions
  • c. Provide educational opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family, & community health (voicemail alerts, flyers, or other communication regarding communicable disease, seasonal flu, hand washing, etc.)
  • 5. Nutrition Services
    a. Assure that healthy food and beverage options are available for classroom snack, parties, and celebrations.
  • b. Offer nutrition-related community services to children outside of the school lunch program (i.e. USDA School Breakfast Program, USDA Summer Food Service Program, food backpack program for students, etc.)
  • c. Display healthy menu items attractively, conveniently and well promoted using Smarter Lunchroom techniques
  • d. Provide at least 10 minutes for students to eat breakfast and 20 minutes for students to eat lunch, from the time the students are seated
  • e. Provide extracurricular activities that promote nutrition education (i.e. cooking classes, nutrition lessons)
  • 6. Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
    a. Establish relationships between school and community resources for assessment and counseling services in regards to bullying, suicide, and substance abuse.
  • b. Provide additional training opportunities for teachers related to counseling, psychological, and social services.
  • c. Provide educational opportunities to parents related to social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health.
  • 7. Healthy and Safe School Environment
    a. Written alcohol, tobacco, and drug free campus policies
  • b. Written bullying prevention policies in alignment with the School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act
  • c. Students shall be allowed to access drinking water, preferably out of a personal container or bottle, while in the classroom.
  • 8. Family and Community Involvement
    a. The District shall promote wellness for students and their families at suitable District and campus activities.
  • b. Partner with community groups, organizations, and local businesses to share resources and obtain volunteers to support student learning, development, and health-related activities.
  • c. Assure opportunities for parents and children to interact on school grounds.
  • d. Support school gardens or actively participate in community gardens by dedicating resources (i.e. fundraisers, volunteer time, containers, tools, etc.)
  • Are there any health and wellness related practices that your school is implementing that is not on the above list?

  • If you answered “No” to any of the above criteria items, please check out our grant application form if you would like to request funding for the criteria items you are not currently implementing.